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  • Jamesdrele

    2017-04-22 10:31:04

    Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder than can affect as many as five percent as adults, but often goes unrecognized. If you suffer from this condition, you will stop breathing for up to a minute while you sleep. This can cause snoring, fatigue, and other problems. Fortunately, there are effective treatments to help you find relief. You really need to do your best to lose weight if you have sleep apnea. Those who have sleep apnea typically have a neck circumference of 17 inches or more. This excess weight around the throat causes the airway to collapse more easily during sleep...

  • Willvok

    2017-02-13 12:09:16

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  • Едуард

    2016-05-24 09:05:01

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  • Екатерина

    2016-05-13 12:33:02

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